2023 International Conference on Transportation Information Engineering and Intelligent Transportation Systems (TIEITS 2023)
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Prof./Dr. Law Teik HuaUniversiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
Brief introduction: Dr. eik-Hua, Law is Associate Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, Universiti Putra Malaysia and serves as the Head of the Road Safety Research Center in Engineering Faculty, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Dr. Law also appointed as Adjunct Professor at the Hernan Technology University in China Mainland. He received his Ph.D. in Road Safety from the Center for Transport Studies at the Imperial College of London. He has 22 years experience in road safety research and specialized in road crash and road users’ behavior analysis. He has working on multiple international research projects offered by the Handicap International, the Volvo Sweden, the World Health Organization and the FIA foundation. Dr. Law has 55 journal papers published in the top transportation journals, such as Accident Analysis and Prevention, Transport Geography, Transportation Research Part A, Transportation Research Part D, Transportation Research Part F, Transport Policy, Journal of Safety Research. He is also a frequent presenter at national and international conferences

Prof. Dewei LiBeijing Jiaotong University, China
Brief introduction: Dr. Dewei Li is a professor in the Department of traffic and transportation in Beijing Jiaotong University. He is a PhD supervisor and has been rated as an outstanding teacher in the university. He serves as a reviewer of National Nature and Science Foundation of China, member of Transportation Research Board, COTA, International Union of Railways, World High Speed Rail Congress and UIC Covid-19 Taskforce. He is also vice secretary of Expert and academic committee in China Association of Metros. He serves as a guest editor of urban rail transit, and reviewers in most of the top journals in transportation field such as Transportation Research Part B/C, IEEE ITS, Journal of The China Railway Society etc. His research interests include demand management, capacity management, scheduling, facility location, railway optimization, pedestrian simulation etc. He took charge of over 50 national and province level R&D projects. He was awarded 4 times by China railway society, and Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission for his contribution in transportation field. He was also awarded for his teaching experience. He published hundreds of papers in many professional journals and conferences, and authored 5 professional books in transportation field. He is entitled as “Outstanding Youth in Beijing”. He obtained tens of patent for invention and software copyright certificates.